September 26, 2010

Male Andro Cream Body Shot

Been working like crazy on the male skin sets. Gotta get the body done first so the face in this picture is a bit.. bleh and waaaay feminine. (But it is a good start!) Though I do plan on the skin set being somewhat Androgynous. Chest tweaking still needed along with a few minor things on the body.. then the face!

Sleepless in SL,
Lerochelle Destiny

September 21, 2010

The Labor is Over!

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After a few long hours of labor, sweating, grunting, and pushing prims about... Okay I gotta stop talking like that! *shudders*

The new store is fully open! Come on by and see the wonderful organization I have done along with the repackaging, and new vendor system I have up as well!

Pretty soon I will be able to have the store cards up as well.

You can buy any of my items as a gift now and it will be automatically sent to the recipient. Just CLICK the vendor and choose buy as gift!

I have also made a very big change in the way the Anthros are set up. You now get both the Male AND Female in the pack. Anyone that has previously bought a set from me that wants it's alternate sex, please IM me and I will send you the complete set. No charge. Best part is... the price isn't changing! Still only 2000L for BOTH sexes!

Now I need sleep. Let me know if any vendors are not working, just drop me a line in-world!

Nighty Night,
Lerochelle Destiny

September 20, 2010

Rebirth... Renewal... Rejuvination...


Okay so I spent the past few days working endlessly on my new store build and it is finally completed and ready to be brought down among the rest of the living! So for a while... say the next few hours or so.. the store area will be.. empty. Or I will be bringing things down piece by piece.


I think once this is done the store is VERY much more organized and customer friendly, along with more modern.

I cut the great tree down and a sapling has already sprouted in it's place.

If you want a quick peek feel free to stop on by but as always wear your hard hats! I will give the All clear here on the blog and to the group once I am done!

September 17, 2010

Bad Build News...

I was staring at the birdhouse build today and I realized something. That even though it is a gorgeous build and all... there was barely any room for all of my stuff... much less expansion with new products. So.. with a heavy heart, I scrap that build for my store and start looking at those others around me. I want to figure out what makes these other stores "work" building wise and hopefully, with a little time, I will figure out a build that will still reflect my personality and yet be functional as well. I do have a few ideas for builds that are a bit more.. modern than the ruins.

Don't worry, those of you that love the tree. That is one part of my buildings that I refuse to give up. The tree in the center represents quite a bit for me personally. Seeing it reminds me to stay grounded, and yet to reach as high and as far as I can for myself, and others.

But perhaps it is time to start over, cut the tree and let it grow again anew...

I would like to thank all of those that helped me immensely on the Mythos skins, giving me their feedback and opinions along with the occasional tip or trick!

Time to break out the graph paper and get to drawing and planning. I will keep you all posted!

Your Busy Creative Soulster,
Lerochelle Destiny

September 13, 2010

That's right! The moment we have all been waiting for is upon us. The Mythos collection has just been set up in full in the main store!

Nine makeups in eight skin tones to choose from right now!

Each skin pack is 1200L, and comes with eight skins. Yes count them, EIGHT, 8 skins!
Blush and Freckles
Freckles and Cleavage
Blush and Cleavage
Blush, Freckles, and Cleavage.

Plus 6 shapes and an eyebrow shaper!
Oh and an LM too of course.

Have a look for yourself!

There are also more pictures up on my Flickr...

Demos are free and in the main store along with on Xstreet-Beta.

If you want to know what is being worn in the pictures, check the Flickr page for them and in the description I put the accessories worn.

Feel free to comment on them on the blog or Flickr, I absolutely would LOVE your feedback!

Now it is time for me to sit back and relax and let you all have your fun while I take a much needed snuggle time with my kid... and maybe a nap.

I am using a new vendor system for the Mythos Collection, so let me know if there are any issues you find. You can also gift through them too!

Okies... time to dash off!
Enjoy your skins and dont forget about the Amazon Gatchas! There is no Demo for them I am afraid, but the pictures speak loud enough and at 100L a pop who could resist collecting all of your favorite skintones?

Ta ta for now!
Lerochelle Destiny
De La Soul,
Formerly De La Fae Productions

September 9, 2010


And here it is... proof that I am the cross-eyed creator!


Okay, okay, I'll get back to work now. LOL


Mug Shot!
After much debating and fighting with the viewer I use crashing every other skin I try to make, I have finally settled on the nine makeups I will be releasing and I can now start trying to take official pictures of them all!

The one at the side is a quick snapshot right before I crashed for the last time before posting this.

The makeup is called "Neon" and thought you probably cannot see it in this picture, the blue dots really POP off the skin. I can see this skin really being gorgeous in a cybernetic outfit of some kind.

Want the list of makeups that will be released early? Well you are going to have to wait for the next blog post! Muahahahahaaahh *hack cough* Ahem...

Chelle for NOH8

I also found a few minutes to take a picture for the NOH8 movement in SL. (That's the Natural makeup BTW. ^^)

Anyway, it has been a productive day for me, despite the constant pulling my hair out with each crash that kept happening.

Now I have to make the demos for each makeup and take the official pictures for the vendors. Hopefully SL will be kind to me.

Wish me luck and I will try to keep updating the blog frequently!
Your soon to be bald creator,
Lerochelle Destiny

September 7, 2010

New Name & Soon a New Store!

Wow I have been busy busy busy the past few weeks. Part in RL getting my kid ready for school, myself prepared for the early mornings to come... @_@... Stocking up on frappes and other caffeine rich supplements!

As you can see above, the store has had a revision of it's name. Hopefully this will not be quite the mouthful to type, would that be finger-full? Huh. Anyhoo...! out of ALL of you that view the blog... only ONE person suggested a name... and that person had never seen the blog before either!XD But this makes me wonder where all of YOU are. Why do you not comment on something? I absolutely LOVE to hear feedback on my products, I really do!

But yes, from now on the store will be called De La Soul, and I will keep the regular name up in search for a while so everyone can still find it. I have been working, or rather fighting SL, to get the Mythos skins finished and ready for pictures. Which reminds me I should probably show you a tease of the actual body of it huh?

Tease Tease SEAMLESS!

This is the Classic makeup in Cappuccino skin tone. There is NO photo-editing done here other than crop and adding the logo, strategically placed I might add!*winks*

Hair is by TRUTH, and is part of a HUGE selection of all the hair colors in one pack. Best part is, ALL of the proceeds go to UNICEF! You can get it HERE.

Ears are Plastik and if completely forget who made the piercings but I LOVE them and haven't taken them off since I made the first Felidae!

So to sum it all up... Big changes are a coming to DLF, or I should say DLS!
1. Name change to De La Soul.
2. New Logo and signs coming out.
3. The vendor product images will NOT be changing!
4. Switching all my vendors over to a new system.
5. Tweaking the final store build, aging the current one about 1000 years, (see older posts for pics) and basically a complete redo of my entire store.

Yup. That about covers it.

Stay tuned, and keep an eye on the Twitter feed and oh.. of course Facebook!

And don't forget about the GATCHAS!!!

As always,
Your workaholic Creator,
Lerochelle Destiny