December 25, 2009

Felidae Elvens have ARRIVED!!

Okies. Here we go!

Anyone of you that bought the Nav'itar. Please REZ your packaging to receive the updated and (hopefully) copyright compliant version!

Should be easy as rezzing them on the ground and a new one will be sent to you. If this fails, Take it back into your inventory and wait about ten minutes. The update server may be overloaded. If you keep trying this and it does not work by Saturday, since tomorrow is Christmas and all... then IM me and I will help you fix the problem.

Common problems are simple enough. Are SCRIPTS allowed to run on the land you are rezzing them on? And such. I believe that you can even wear your bundle, it will attach to your hand, and it will still work. XD


Best news yet!!


ALL colors of the newest creation, the Felidae Elvens, or Catlike Elves, Are now released and available in the main store!



Atra (Black or Gloomy)


Flamma (Flame, Red)


Flora (Greens)


Frendo (Purples)


Terra (Browns)


Please be aware that these are Felidae Elvens, Catlike Elves. These are a new species!(NOT Na'vi or Nav'itars.) However, I cannot and will not attempt to control your own imaginations as to what you see these Avis as.

I LOVE seeing what you have done with them as well!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
Lerochelle Destiny

December 16, 2009

Terra Flora Teaser

Hair is by MIRROR and comes with the mic set attached.
Outfit is called Renegade on Xstreet
Loincloth is a re-texture that I did. Many more to come too!
Piercing is at MIRROR as well

If you guys ever wondered where I do my magick... or just pull my hair out as I go cross-eyed... That is it. Right behind me. Floating Islands. Yup nooooo I'm not a Miyazaki fan! Not at ALL!!! LOL!

December 15, 2009

Nav'itars are now on sale!!

Straight out of the bag this is ready to wear, and includes....

Eyes (and prim parts too)
Ears (Pierced and Unpierced)
Tails (Laced and unlaced)
Hair with corresponding headdress.
Chest Bra (Female)
Chest Cloak (Male)
Leg and Armbands
Clothing layer clothes for the women too!(for you Emerald viewers that don't want to see your breasts bouncing out of your bras! LOL!)

((**The Na'vi and original character design is copyright and owned by James Cameron. I do not claim to own the copyright to the Na'vi, or any other registered trademarks. This avatar is a work of fan fiction, and proceeds from the sales of this avatar remain and are spent as 'virtual dollars' in Second Life.**))

** Most photos were taken at Blue Galaxy!

MANY color variations to come too!