May 27, 2009

Top things that bug me and.. ooohh! Teaser!!

Ok, I feel I need to clarify a few things here. Most common questions and such.

I will go in order of from least bugging thing to the one thing that bugs me the most.

Q.3. "I want to copy the hair in the bundle picture, can you send it to me or tell me where to get it?"

A.3. Yes I actually can! Calico Ingemann Creations, Deviant Kitties, and Here Comes Trouble are the main ones I get the hair you see in the pictures at. Will I take you around to show you where in their stores they are? (Yes I did have someone ask this...) No. I am sorry but I don't have the time to help you with that. I can tell you where it was the last time I saw it in the store, but I won't take you there.

Q.2. "The PG skin and Adult skin look exactly the same."

A.2. I get this question more and more lately and I wonder why really.
XD The very first question I ask to this one is "Are you wearing the furkini pieces?" 99% of the time the answer is yes!

Q.1. "The hair didn't come with my bundle. Can you send?" or "I bought this bundle and the hair isn't in it! Send me!!!"

A. Ok one, the second one is rude, demanding, and will most likely get a very cold response. The first one is fine for politeness however, HOWEVER...

There is ONE little thing that should be seen... lets see if you can see it.

Yeah... Put that in the signage since these kinds of IM's started clogging my email. It's simple really... and really good advice to anyone...


Ok, now that I am done bitching... Whining... Moaning about all the terrible stuff I get from people...


Thought you would all like to see a few pics of how the new store build is developing... hehe

Yup.. that's me at the bottom... and I'm wearing something new I have been developing for a while now... hehe (Squint really hard to see it)

Yes that IS a tree house inside the store! And LOOK! A darkened room! For nefarious purposes perhaps? I won't tell for now!

Still has ways to go before I am done with it... but.. prims are running low oddly enough... so we will see where I end up! May have to smash down a wall to make it all work... but that will leave debris laying around and... mess.

Ah well! Back to work for me!

Have Fun!

May 2, 2009

Is it HOT in De La Fae?

No! It's STEAM! Well, Steampunk that is. This week is the opening of the Dome and with it Steampunk Forge! Still made by me, but Steampunk in nature! Ok so I admit, I have been drawn tot he rich browns, coppers, brass, and vintage details that this genre is depicted by. Old photographs of victorian ladies in thier finest and... ok I'll stop babbling now.

This week with the opening of the Dome, Fourth Floor and new teleporters are now set up, or you can take the stairs. XD

Anyhoo... this week is the release of new Legwarmers, and two sets of Goggles. All Steampunk!

Working SL time Clock, Spare Goggles (cause you know you need them), Moving Gears,Spyglass, and Gear Journal to jot down your exploits and adventures, or even just the ship's log! All tied, tucked, and buckled to soft leather legwarmers. Keep your legs warm and have everything handy all at once!

Cause your eyes need protection too... and they just look cool. Gears that do exactly what they are supposed to do (meaning nothing other than turn) and decorative spirals add flair to highly detailed bits and bobs thrown together! Dilating solar lenses, and they are tintable too. Resize scripted for easier adjusting. Both top of

A simpler version of the Spiral goggles, minus one inconsequential gear. Trust me these wont fall apart. Same fun details as the Gears & Spiral Goggles, just minus the middle gear & spirals. ^^


Spots within spots, and a little darker too!

This is the first V2.1 of the scripts and everything. Resizing scripts in ALL the prim parts, updated claw scripts along with two new "polish" colors. And CANNOT forget the new Ears! You still get the old ear with the bundle, but you also get the new ones as well for on top of the head. *hair and eyes NOT included*

Thats about it, Riot Vend will change to the Blood Black Leopard. The Easter Bunneh will stay in the Cherry Tree Camps for another week or two while I figure what else to make for it. LOL

Working hard on the Updates for the old bundles, (will be free like usual of course) and on several new things, very different things.

Come check it all out and see whats steaming at De La Fae! (ok sorry, couldnt help it XD)

Things be a Changin' @ De La Fae!

For the good I promise!

Been working on several things since the Fashion show that I had been putting off...

There is a fairly big update that I am working on for mostly the cats but part of it will spread to the other species as well.

Felines, will be updated with new ears soon! Too many of you have asked for the ears to be on top of the head so now.. you will have a choice!

Also resizing scripts will soon be put into effect for the legs, paws, and possibly the ears. Still working out the issues with the resizing script and texture scripts bugging though.

Also all skins will be updated so they load faster without losing quality!

One more thing... As soon as I can figure this thing out... I bought a Hippo Update server. So that means that pretty soon, all you have to do is Rez an update box and you will get any updates for the bundle!
(Side Note: If any of you know how to set this thing up, please get a hold of me... the manual for it is very confusing XD)

I am also deviating from the norm as well... Built a lot for the RP land myself and was thinking... that some of it you all might like to have for yourselves! Soon furniture, and other items will be available in the store.

Don't forget to check out the Wood Bourne Mall, that's where all those loverly creators from the third floor have gone!

So keep your ears and eyes open!
Lerochelle Destiny

Easter Bunneh Brings Okapi!

The Easter Bunneh has arrived!

Light Pastel rainbows grace the pale bunneh as he or she grips her basket full of eggs. The full Bundle comes with both sets of ears and tail, with bows and without, even the guys! The bows are color change scripted and the Basket is scripted to give the eggs along with a special little egg to wear.

Also released is just the Bunneh ears, tail with bows and basket. Bows scripted color change.


After the fashion show at B@re Rose, with the official unveiling of the super secret Bundle... The Okapi will be set up for sale in the store!

The sim is expected to fill up fast for Seductive Species, so get there if you want to be one of the first to see it! Sign with info and LM is available below. Just rez and click.
(Available in-world)

The cherry tree has been updated for Easter, so be sure to camp your tails off!

RiotVend will change this weekend as well.

Hope to see you at the fashion show! Many quality avatar makers will be there not just me!

Lerochelle Destiny