February 27, 2009

Photosites hate me...

Ok.. as you can see below... apparently photobucket seems to think that my Elemental AIR Leopard violates their terms of service and or usage... So now apparently I have to search for another site to host my images on that wont piss people off and get deleted randomly.

Here is the pic uploaded to blogger... will have to work for now...

Sorry it's smaller than the others.

February 25, 2009

DLF The Maker Gesture ^.^

This Gesture I made in response to several of you coming into my store and seeing me.

One of my friends and I were talking about how I have had a few people coming in and one (don't remember who exactly) who came in and exclaimed "UUUU! Its the Maker!" and proceeded to practically worship me.

I take this in stride, I don't WANT to be worshiped or demand to be told how good a creator I am and such (though I do enjoy it of course ^.^) But I do also think this is extremely hilarious and as a result made this gesture for you all to use to grovel at the feet/paws of your favorite designers and creators in SL. (not just me! XD)

Ok.. I prolly just stuck my paw in my mouth back there... but you get the idea... Something funny happened that inspired this and I decided to share.

Enjoy worshiping the creators and designers of SL! LOL

Lerochelle Destiny

February 23, 2009

Somethings in the AIR!


Not That! XD

While dealing with the usual drama and such, I have been trying to get a few new releases out for all of you.

Two new Leopards are at the front and viewable on the ModelBots!

AIR Elemental Clouded Leopard ~ The first in the Elemental Line! Existing species (and possibly new ones) will represent the Elements! The Air Clouded Leopard has scripted particle clouds whisping around the legs along with a small cloud above the head. When you walk, it seems to look like your walking on clouds! The light greys and blues are taken from the natural colors of the sky and clouds.

Photo Bucket Hates That picture.

Albino Leopard ~ A request from several of you! Light greys and whites blended and mixed together to form an almost white leopard.

Asian Legwarmers ~ Bows, Bamboo, I-Ching coins, Pocky Sticks, and charms in the asian style. This looks perfect with the Panda by the way! (These are in the Cherry Tree for 45 minutes with no picture atm so wont be up for sale till I do!)

I am havng to reformat my laptop so things this week may be slow till I get back up to par with it again. I am hoping to be able to start taking comissions again around March 1st.

March is going to be a very busy month for me and several other anthro, furry, and neko avatar makers in SL. On the 14th (so its planned) is going to be an Anthropomorphic Avatar show! I will be releasing a new species a the show as well as showng off several of my other creations!

The Cherry Tree also has been updated with the Yang Bunneh Female and of course the Asian Legwarmers and the Frisky Neko Megapack is still in there so if you still havent gotten it yet you still have time!

That's about it for now, gonna get back to reformatting my laptop and hoping that I have copied all the right stuff LOL!

Sorry for the long post this time.

Lerochelle Destiny

Gift Cards Are Here!


Gift cards are here! Included in this package is a free $250L Gift card for my store! Enjoy!(gift cards were sent out with the original notice, but you can buy them in the main store still!)

OK... I go collapse now...

Gonna take tomorrow off... today... yeah.. whatever XD.

All items are now set to PAY as default, to use the gift card, WEAR it, and select CARD from the pie menu instead of pay.

Have Fun!

Lerochelle Destiny

Lions, Tigers, and Now BEARS!


Ok.. so I don't exactly have lions... though the Mix N Match Tan is a pretty good match for one! LOL

Just put up the new Bears!

Polar Bear

Brown Bear

Black Bear

Panda Bear


Been rearranging things a bit trying to find places to put everything!

First Floor now holds the New Releases (Front), Tigers (Right side), Leopards& Panthers (Left side), Canines (Back wall)

Second Floor has the Bunnehs, Accessories and Accessorized Tails, Artwork, Mix N Match, and Big Fluffeh Tails.

Third Floor is still the mall, and we have some new creators in this week! So check them out, pay them homage, or they wont stay! XD

Changing out the RiotVend for the week to the Neon Black Leopards. Sticking with the Cherry Tree other than the Snow Leopard this week will be the Male version. (Hey even the guys need freebies and camps!)

Playing with some new legwarmers to go with the Panda style. Dunno when those will be out though lol.

New signage too... Oh... and I am working on getting Gift Cards into the store here soon too! Hopefully will be set up sometime this week, or I will have a better idea when.

Have a safe and fun week!

Lerochelle Destiny



I am not one to pump up my birthday or anything like that, usually spend the day at home reading a book or roaming SL for fun.

But this was my first Rezz-day soo.....

All Full Avatar Bundles in the Main Store are up to 50% off!

Sale is on now and will end at 11:59 pm Feb. 2nd!

Yeah... I actually missed my rez-day by one.. hehe... actually found out when someone wished me a happy rez-day today. XD

It's my after-rez-day so come on down and get the Sale before it's over!

The new Bear Avis coming out should be out by the middle of this week or so. Yeah... been lagging my tail on the ground and SL has been shutting down my sim periodically (they are working on the problem and seem to have it fixed now)... So I will be getting those worked on pretty quickly.

Same stuff in the RiotVend, Cherry Tree, and Lucky Chair though so you get another week to try to get all you can!

Happy Shopping!

Lerochelle Destiny

New Stuff!

MutedBrown Feline *requested by Marrra* Simple Muted shades of brown with dark chocolate "socks".

ChocCaramel Tiger *requested by Aaryanna* Same colors as the ChocCaramel Bunneh only with stripes!

Black Panther *requested by Efran* Dark shades of grey and almost blacks make you slip easily into the shadows with this Panther Bundle!

PINK Panther! *inspired by the new movie coming out* Be the sneaky rascal you know you are! Muahahahaa *coughs*

ModelBots are updated so get the new notecard and see them for yourself!

Now... onto the goodies I know you love!

Updated the RiotVends with the White Grey Bunnehs.

Changed out the Cherry Tree with the Vampire Hunter Armwarmers, Snowleopard Female, and Frisky Neko MegaPack!

Soon to come out are the Cows!

Don't forget to click the Subscribe-O-Matic if you haven't already, Next week will be the LAST update sent to the SL group and will be shut down sometime soon afterward.

Now come on... I know you want them! LOL

Custom requests are closed for the time being.

Lerochelle Destiny
De La Fae Productions

Busy Busy Bees and Blogging!


De La Fae Productions has been Blogged!
Check out one opinion from a fashion critic! (love her pics she took too btw)

Been busy busy working on commissions and customs this week, clearing off that list to make all of you happy! LOL So far the list is fairly short. (not taking any more customs for a while) Have a Black Panther coming for Efran, ChocoCaramel Tiger for Aaryanna, and a Muted Brown for Marrra... aaand... heh.. saw a commercial last night for a new movie coming out and decided to do the erm... feline persuasion for the movie? LOL There is at least two hints as to what it is in this notecard... am not telling though!

All this is getting cleared out so I can work on and finish the new species I am working on... yes.. I said Species! You have requested them.. I am working hard on getting them done!

You have until Friday to get your camping done for the stuff in the Cherry Tree so hurry on down! I will be changing them out this weekend.

Da Dun, da dun, Da dundadundadun, Da Dun, Da DUUUUUUUUUUN, dadada DUN!

As for this Onrez, Xstreet SL and LL issue.. I have already removed most of my stuff from Onrez already. Only things still up is my art. I don't know how to react tot he very sudden (to me) news of it all. Losing Onrez just means my old V1 stuff wont be up anywhere anymore. No real big deal there, but as for the Linden Exchange and the plans they are going to make to the Xstreet Sl site itself... has me a bit worried in the long term of it all.

Well, gonna get back to the workshop and finish off these customs.

Lerochelle Destiny

P.S. Don't forget to join the Subscribe-O-Matic between the ModelBots! At the end of this month this group will no longer be getting Updates and will be shut down!

Cherry Tree, ModelBots, & Accusations


Been steadily working on several things at once!

The ModelBots are up and running... well posing really... but.. anyhoo... I will be setting up a notecard giver beside them to explain how you can use them to view the bundles your interested in. (Bear in mind, they do take a little time to change bundles and I am not sure how or what would happen if two people tried using the same one at the same time... so please try to take turns! XD)

Also Between them is the Subscribe-O-Matic... Be sure to sign up with that before the end of the month when I close the De La Fae Productions Group in SL... There are also ones placed at each of my Vendor spots across the grid.

Now onto the good stuff!

I know my bundles are a bit... expensive... and for some of you buying them may be a bit... hard to afford.... SO...

Look in the store for the Cherry Tree and perch on branch for the product pictured! The Cherry Tree is an Item Camp! I will periodically change them around from time to time of course.

If you see me around you will see me wearing part of the new species I am working on! Shh... no one tell! LOL
I do not plan on releasing them until I have a few made up of course so you all get a variety!

I also have done a few changes to the store itself (the front section) and there is also a small event planned (not related to the Avatars though)

Accusations below...

Now on a side note... a rather MAJOR attack is going on against me by several different avatar creators in SL that I thought you all should be aware of.

I am being accused of stealing the leg sculpts (among other things) from Mephitis Jezebel of Avenity Avatars.

All I can say is that this is untrue along with several other things they say and claim. But ultimately, it's up to you to decide in all this.

The notecards that are being passed around are copied to the DLF Blog in full (other than having to take pictures and other incompatible items out of course) Check it if your so inclined.


I have not only lost an unknown amount of sales over this matter... but also have already had one Vendor in my mall leave because of this (this is my assumption as she wrote one of the notecards herself).

Many.. MANY abuse reports later and I am getting fed up with LL not doing anything about this. As you can well understand either side of the fence your standing on. This has been going on since Sept. 08. And I had not heard anything other than the softest of whispers from time to time about it. I am fed up with all this.

All I can say is that I did not do what they are accusing me of and have no way of copying sculpt maps from other people. But like I said... It's up to you to decide for yourselves.

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Fae, Now with more FUR!


You asked, and I listened! I know a lot of you like to wear tattoos over your furs, but dont want to show off your bits. So now all bundles come with a PG skin as well as the Mature version, and the Furkinis! (If you buy one in the future and the PG skin is missing let me know! This does not include the Neque'al Bundle however and is ONLY for the Ladies! Sorry guys.)

Contact me in IM to set up a meeting to get your PG skins. Gratis! (That means free ;p )

Now onto the really good stuff!

This week I was working hard on a new style of Leopard... the Clouded leopard has arrived! Currently only in one specific species at the moment the Bornian Clouded Leopard. (Thanks goes to Quiet Thunders for this one!)

Also in the New Release section are two new Canines the, Blonde, and Blonde Blood Canines, PLUS another new Bunneh in White!

Be sure to stop by and check out those along with the RiotVend, which, for the first time will have a Canine in it! (I wont tell you which one... you have to come to see for yourself!)

Also I have replaced the items in the lucky chair with something new! Leaving a few things in there though of course! LOL

I am still open for custom colors of all of my already made Species, and I also have in the works some Cows/ Bulls, Lemurs, and Pigs as well! Custom Price Guidelines are as follows.
(I will post the Guidelines on the forum and edit this one for the link)

And... soon... I will be setting up Camping chairs... so you can camp for bundles! (Still figuring out where I will put them though lol)

A slight maneuvering of the store is in progress... the Canines are now on the back wall of the first floor, Bunnehs on the second. (Have I really made that many already??)

So come on down, check out the surprise in the RiotVend and Lucky Chair along with the new bundles!

Cya when I see ya!
Lerochelle Destiny

Who Let the Dogs? Out!


Happy New Years!

Ring in the New Year with the newest Species!
I know, I know, You all have been poking me enough about them lol. Finally got the sculpt I made to look juuust right ( Yes I'm a perfectionist, just not in my typing lol)

So for the New Year, four colors of the new species, and new legwarmers!

More earrings, more fluffehness, and more furrieness!

Canines! I am calling them canines unless they are a specific subspecies or breed.

You get with the bundle:

* Twitchy Ears (Six earrings on each ear are scripted texture change including the no earring texture to hide the ones you don't want)
* Twitchy Tail
* Twitchy Scripted Chat Tail
* Skin
* Furkini (Females only so you can be nude without being naked. aka no bits)
* Shape
* Digi Legs and Paws (claws scripted color change so you can have "painted" claws)
* Instructions

Now release colors are:




Red Fox!(includes special extra tail (not shown))

I am gonna cut this short and sweet here about the legwarmers... Neko Artist Legwarmers. If you like doodling or are an avid artist of any medium this is the legwarmers for you! With markers, and colored pencils, sketchbook and diary. Color change bows and enhancements and letter bead changeable sayings.

The Demo is up by the mannequin in the front of the store and you can buy from there as well.

The RiotVend has been updated with the Cotton Candy Bunneh Bundles! Get your pink while you can!

Enjoy and happy New Years!

DLF New Year Sale HALF OFF!


De La Fae Productions avatar bundles in the Main Store ONLY are HALF off their normal prices! This only includes the Full avatar bundles not the Mix N Match or other separates and accessories.

Hurry on down cause this sale is only one day! (Jan1st from 12 am to 11:59 pm)

Why a Blog?

Well I have had numerous people asking for past notices from my store and or undelivered and missing notices. I also figured that my customers (aka YOU) would like to read the notices and such without having to log into Second Life to read them!

Right off the bat the posts will be in order from newest to oldest, though the dates of the posts will not reflect this as I just created this blog! LOL

Do not misunderstand however, that deals and sales and such posted on this blog will not be continuously going on and will usually have an end date to them. If not, assume that the RiotVends and Cherry Tree and such change as soon as the new notice is posted.

Well.. I am going to get to work on organizing the past notices and getting them posted on here.

Have fun!

Lerochelle Destiny