September 14, 2009


You got your teaser earlier in the week and not this is the REAL THING!

I just set up all SIX.. that's right SIX beginning colors of Fauns, (dubbed Faunus) in the main store!

Midnight Faunus - Dark, almost black as the night sky on a cloudless night and dashed with stars. The antlers seem to shimer as if under the full moon's light.

Plant Faunus - Vivid green, reminding you of the first budding leaves of spring. Topped off with almost jewel toned light emerald antlers.

Earth Faunus - Deep rich browns, bring the natural and usually dull brown of a normal faun to life. The antlers have coppery gold highlights, sure to catch the eyes of those wanting a more "Natural" faun.

Winter Faun - Winter skies, that crisp pale blue that you see right after fresh fallen snow. The antlers are frosted, as if the snow had freshly fallen during a long walk outside.

Fire Faunus - The first of the set that I made. Vibrant red, even the fur layer seems jewel toned!

Water Faunus - Deep blue of the ocean depths make this Faun one not to miss!

There are more colors to come too! I still need to do the Air (yellow), along with the other seasons. (Spring, Fall, and Summer)

Enjoy frolicking through the woods!

They will soon be up on X Street and APez, along with my vendor outlets in-world!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention... they are 1,500L and you get BOTH male and female included in the set!

Details on the accesories shown are on the blog.

September 7, 2009

New Race Being Forged ~TEASER!~

OK.. I'm in a teasing mood! Here is a glimpse of a new species/race that will soon be available in De La Fae... in MANY different colors too!

First ones to be released will most likely be the Elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Here you can see Fire and water posing together! I just love the vivid colors. natural and still surreal!

Accessories shown:
Male shape is a custom... sorry!
Eyes by Plastik
Men's hair Justin by MAD Designs
Women's hair Maddie by TRUTH
Male skin is the new Adam Crius by ABYSS
Female skin is Kate by League

September 2, 2009


I forgot to post in here for a LOoooong.. time! Sowwies!

Ok Ketchup catsup catchup time!

Vampire Lover's Backpack
Just because you love them doesn't mean you can't be safe too!

Pink Bubblegum Star Kitty
Cause you can't have too much bubblegum!

Star Kitties!




Mint Choc Ice Cream???
Yeah dunno what I was thinking here... XD

Siamese Kitties!

I love Siamese, had the song from Lady and the Tramp stuck in my head the whole time I made these too!

Lucky Chairs are up on the second tier of the tree house and the ModelBots are back up and working!