February 9, 2010

Reborn Teaser!

Finally... they are about to be reborn!

Still working hard to get all the Aqua sets done for you.. please be patient, but here is the teaser!!!

February 5, 2010

Felidae Rancher???? Yessiree!

Have you ever seen a Felidae Elven Rancher? Now you have!

That is the final cut for the females! Males are being tweaked a bit more, but the release is gonna be SOON!!!

Oh oh oh!!! AND!!! The eyes shown are going into the new bundles too! Exclusively made for the De La Fae Felidae line by Annie Ibanez! I fell in love with her eyes! If the yellow/ gold isn't your style, look her up in world and check out her other colors!! (Personally I love the gold, but I also adore Kraken or Hobgoblin with these skins too!)

FYI - that is midday windlight setting. No photoshopping other than to crop there!