January 31, 2010

Secret Comparisons...?

Input time! Below are two pictures. On one side, is the original Felidae Skin, Male and Female respectively.

I want YOUR Input!! Either comment on the blog here, OR you can do the note card thing in the mailbox in the store. Do NOT send them to me! Half the time I don't receive them due to being capped!

Female Comparison

Male Comparison

Lemme know what ya all think!

~Cross eyed as usual,

Comments Encouraged!!

I LOVE hearing what you all have to say about my products! So, if you feel like commenting on any of the posts on the blog (like the one below for example) Comment away!! I should have some more pictures coming soon of the Felidaes... But I think I will only release those pics to this blog! How many of you guys read this thing anyway? XD

January 30, 2010

OH YEAH! and we MOVED!!! LM Below!

About uhmmm three days before the template issue was brought to me, I had finished moving the store to the new sim. The good comes with the bad it seems. So be sure to pick up the new LM at the bottom!

If you don't, don't panic if you find yourself on the wrong sim! Here is what you need to do to find the new store.

1. Wait and let things around you rez.

2. Slowly, either by using your minimap, turn around so you face NORTH.

3. If you do not see the store building at this point, turn up your draw distance to at least 100 meters.

4. See the store now? Good. Walk toward it. Be prepared for a sin crossing at the hills. Do not panic if you keep walking through the walls and across the sim, possibly even off into oblivion. This is normal. You should snap back to about where you were when you crossed the sim, just onto the new one.

5. Explore the store. Shop and enjoy the surroundings. Including outside the store! Be aware however, that outside the store is part of an Anita Blake RP, please do not disturb or interrupt the RPers if they are over there. (Thank you!)

6. If you were passed this note outside the group, please feel free to join the HippoGroup at the base of the tree. Beside the front doorway/entrance, is the blog website thinger. (wow.. really technical aren't I?) Click it and it will take you to the blog website. I try to keep that site updated as to what is going on. If not, check the tweets on the page too. Enjoy the music (if it is running >.>) and mainly HAVE FUN!

* * * *
Felidae Elvens - MALES!!!

Thought I would give you all a little update on how things are going with them and show some piccies too while I am at it! I have been working my ass... well... yeah you will get the idea once you see the pictures lol.

I WANT your opinions here too. So once you see the pictures, IF you have any suggestions, or absolutely LOVE the new Felidae... let me know by going to the store, and at the base of the tree there is now a Mailbox. Place your notecard in the mailbox and I will be getting it!

Understand that while I am trying to get these to be as close to the original skins you bought, I cannot get them EXACTLY the same. But I am also trying to improve on the originals as well. This is why it is taking so long to remake them.

I have been a stickler for seams lately as well, I see a seam and it drives me insane! Hopefully most, if not all seams that were present on the original skin will be gone as well with this remake.

On to the PICCIES!!

- On the RIGHT is the Original Aqua Aqua Male skin, the LEFT is the remake. I do plan on lightening up the abs a bit on that one along with some of the other shadows on the back and the nipples. (Can I say that word here? Nipples? Apparently I can!)

Please note that the two pictured are not wearing the same exact shape as well. Jay did wonderful modding of my shape to make it singularly HIM. The Shape on the left with the remake skin is the one that you will be getting and is fairly close tot he original as well.

- I am pretty proud of this rear end, myself. Hehehe. But yes, shadows will be lightened out a bit so the contrast is not as stark or cartoony.

ALSO! The colors are not exact matches, thoguh I do plan on trying to get them as close to the original skins as possible please be aware that there will be some (hopefully slight) variations.

I also have a few other additions to the packs, yes, you will have to rerez your packaging to get the update. BUT if you lost or deleted it somehow, be sure to make a copy of your transaction history from the SL webpage in a notecard and be prepared to send it to me. That is the ONLY way you will be able to get the update without your packaging!

The additions are being kept very secret at this point, mainly because i do not want to say something will be included only to find out i did not make or include it due to time constrictions and or a massive BRAIN FART!

So be sure to put your suggestions and such in a notecard in the MAILBOX in the store. Do NOT send them to me as SL has been capping my messages after about an hour of being offline and I would not recieve them!

As always,
Cross eyed and on a caffeine high,
Lerochelle Destiny
De La Fae Productions


Felidae Elvens, UPDATE!

The Felidaes are being remade. The plan is as follows: The Blue sets will be released first. Then, a week later, in alphabetical order, the other colors will be released.

Please keep the original body bag for your avatar, This will allow you to receive the updated skin automatically. If by chance you deleted it, please provide the Transaction History for your purchase. The maker will then send you an updated skin.

IF you have one of the other sets, please be patient. They will be released in progression. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Felidae Elvens, Being Remade.

Felidae Elvens skins.... I had to discontinue them while I remake them because of a texture issue. I will be sending out updates (free of course) to all those that bought already from me but at this time I cannot in good faith sell them, now knowing that they contain copyrighted textures. So bear with me please, everyone and thank you so much for your support in this matter.

As soon as I heard what I was accused of I took the sets down, all my vendors. I was not IMed or contacted first by Ivy, but I did take action before I was asked. I went through the PSDs and I think I have found the textures in question, Let this be a lesson not to buy templates off the web! And so they will be removed and the skins remade. I really do try to be an honest person and since I had been botted already (several times) and reported them, I understand Ivy's side of this as well.

Unfortunately this remake may take several weeks. HOWEVER! I do hope that these will be better than the previous version and they will live up to the De La Fae standards of quality. (However besmirched they may be at this point.)

Thank you again for your support, but right now what I need is time to relax a bit, then I can tackle these skins with gusto.

~Lerochelle Destiny
De La Fae Productions

January 3, 2010

Felidae Elvens, No Longer Naked!

Uhmm.. You know that clothing you all keep asking me for?

It's out. *grins*

Male and Female sets, each 450$L
You get:
Chest Piece (Bra like for women, cloakish for the guys)

Please note, these sets may not fit every shape, and you may have to make your shape fit them a bit. (Unless you are using the Felidae Elvens Shape)

Five colors... well six but I will get to the sixth in a second.

Aqua (Blue), Atra (Black/ Dark Grey), Flamma (Red), Flora (Green), Frendo (Purple), and Terra (Tan).

Hair is also out as well, though most of you prolly knew that. XD And are 250$L each. By the way... both are UNISEX and will fit the shape provided in with the skins right away!

Hair is located across from the Aqua sets on the wall. Demos of them are available for free as well.

ALL my prim products are resize scripted AND MOD COPY!

Okay... onto the secret... not so secret anymore color!

These are ONLY available in the lucky branch on the first tier of the tree. Works just like a lucky chair, cause it is, just modded it to be a branch!

I THINK (actually I KNOW) I will have to put out a few more lucky branches to cover the influx of people wanting the free set... so I am gonna get to that now then get some sleep. I am an insomniac now thanks to all of you! *winks*

Lerochelle ^^